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Sniffles and Sneezing? Get Answers to Your Timothy Hay Allergies

Posted by Jenna Redman on Wed, Dec 06, 2017 @ 05:13 PM

allergies to timothy hayAchoo! Your eyes are red and itchySniff sniff. Your nose won't stop running and you wish you could clear your sinuses. That tickle in the back of your throat won’t go away even though you’ve cleared your throat a few hundred times. That rash that just won’t stop itching. 

Sound familiar? It’s your basic case of allergies that have flared up from your bunny's favorite timothy hay.

The Inner Struggle with Allergies 

How do you justify the fact that you know timothy hay is an important staple of your rabbit’s diet, but your allergies flare up whenever the box shows arrive and you can't find relieve until your rabbit has eaten the entire box hay?

You know that timothy hay not only helps wear down your rabbit’s teeth but also provides the long strand fiber that helps keep your rabbit’s digestion regular and functioning properly. Unlike other hays it's also soft and easy for your rabbit to eat.

That would leaves you with the question of which is more important: your rabbit’s health or yours?

Kiss Those Worries Goodbye

At Rabbit Hole Hay, we believe that the question of who is more important should never cross your mind! You and your rabbit both deserve to be healthy.

Did you know there's another hay that's a great alternative to timothy hay? You can say sayonara to your timothy hay allergies without saying goodbye to your rabbit’s health!

Orchard Grass is about to become your new best friend and your rabbits new favorite hay.

Orchard Grass is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium content which is ideal for keeping the digestive tracts of rabbits and other small animals functioning properly. Not only is it a great alternative to timothy, but it’s also great if you have a picky rabbit who likes a little softer feed. It can be fed free-choice to your rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals, and should be a mainstay of any small herbivore’s diet (especially if you're allergic to timothy).

Keeping Their Teeth Healthy

If you can handle a little bit of timothy then we do recommend mixing a little of it in with your Orchard Grass as it will aid in good dental health since it is a little coarser. BUT if you're allergic to timothy hay, don’t worry we have your bunny’s dental health covered! Instead of timothy hay to help their teeth you can give them our Organic Apple Chew Sticks which will not only help their dental health but gives the added bonus of providing entertainment for your rabbit!

So, even if you're allergic to timothy hay it doesn’t mean that you or your rabbit have to suffer! The best medicine we can prescribe is Orchard Grass. Not only is it a wonderful alternative but it's also one of our softest hays! We think it’s safe to say that once you give your bunny this hay they won’t want to go back to anything else.

Here at Rabbit Hole Hay we are dedicated to making sure your pets are happy, healthy and well-fed. We also know that allergies happen and you have no control over them. Don’t suffer from the sneezing, itchy eyes, and a stuffy nose any more when you can give your rabbit the hay they will love!

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