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Love at First Sight

Posted by Jason Krueger on Mon, Jul 24, 2017 @ 11:39 AM

We got lots of stories from our customers and our Rabbit Hole Hay Club members. They are amazing! I just got this story sent over from a brand new rabbit owner. Sounds to me like she is doing everything right! Here is what she wrote me!

Her Story:

My name is Sarey. I'm a 1st-time rabbit(s) owner. I have other pets (a chihuahua and fishes) but never rabbit(s). I've seen them at rescue shelters, on TV (animal channels) & pet stores before but never consider getting one as a pet until one fateful day on July 17. I went to a local pet store to buy fish products for my fishes and happened to glance over at the "furry critters" section where I saw a tiny tan fur-ball.
Out of curiosity, I went over to see what it was. To my surprise, it was a baby lop ear bunny. When it saw me it hopped over to me. It didn't ignore me or go hide in the hiding house. Our eyes locked and you can say we"imprinted" on each other. The store clerk came over and asked if I needed any help. I asked to hold it but was told they had just got it in earlier that morning and it can't held for at least 3 days (quarantine period). Sadden my news, I purchased the fish products and that was that. I said to myself I didn't need a rabbit anyways. But I kept thinking about the lil' fur-ball. So, after the 3 days I decided that if I go back to that pet store and it's still there and if he's sweet when I interact with we're destine to be family. So, I head back to the pet store and he was still there. I asked to hold it. When the store clerk picked it up to hand over to me it wiggled non-stop. She checked the gender and told me it's a buck. Then she handed him to me, as soon as I held him, he calmed down and rest his tiny body against my chest as I held him. The clerk said, "Wow, that's amazing. He's completely comfortable with you". That's the moment I knew I was taking him home. After a week of bonding with him and researching in-depth how to care for a rabbit I learned that they're social animals and do best with a companion. With that said, I found 2 more bunnies which I adopted and will be due to come home on 7/28 and 8/2. I came across Rabbit Hole Hay website when I was looking up merchants that sell quality hay in bulk. I figured it's more economical to buy in bulk now that I have 3 baby bunnies. My first purchase is the hay sampler because I'm not sure which one the bunnies will like. After researching hay, I see that there are so many different types of hays and cuts (1st cut, 2nd cut, 3rd cut). I figured I'd have them try each to and see which one they prefer. I'm happy to a member of Rabbit Hole Hay club and I hope to do long-term business with you.




[Dwarf Holland Lop Ear]

Grayson [Netherlands Dwarfs]

Posh [Netherlands Dwarfs]


Now Your Turn!

Sarey shared with all of us here expereince. If you want me to post your experience send me a quick email with your story and some pictures. I'd love to post it! jason@rabbitholehay.com

Seeing how Sarey is new to the wonderful world of rabbits, what advice might you have for your. Leave it in the comments below so she can read it. 

You're all so amazing! Thanks! 

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