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#SundayBunDay September 18th 2016

Posted by Jason Krueger on Tue, Sep 20, 2016 @ 04:30 PM


#SundayBunDay What's that all about?

Here at Rabbit Hole Hay we love having fun. We believe in having fun all week and all weekend. We tend to get to have a lot more fun with our Buns on the weekend though. We thought what could be a better way to celebrate the fun we just had then by sharing a candid of them. 

To extend the fun we get to repost our favorites every week. To make sure that all our blog followers get to see them we will also be posting these on our blog. Share your favorite pics next week to make your bun into a celebrity for the week.  

Cheryl Waltz Charlie... The peace maker...


Ashley Noblet In a stroller 😂❤️


Haley VanWyk Relaxing at the lake with his Grandma 


Lea Bach Just nosey as usual, lol


Natalie Weiss Mr Carl doing tricks for Spinach ft. Honey and Daisy


Jessica Lynn Richardson Jasper listening to football lol


Stacy DelGais Fina My Rudy on Sunday BunDay


Samantha Jones My daughter Tuesday the bunny whisperer 


Nicole Anne Aragona Somebody was caught pulling all of her hay out of her feeder! 😂 #guiltyface #sundaybunday


Natalie Wheeler My little mini Loinhead Baby


Maria Lindholm This is my Fluffy. She passed away a few months back. But she lived one hell of a life. She went on all sorts of adventures to parks, camping, and even got to sit on the 50 yard line at Gillette stadium. She loved the emus at the zoo. She loved her picture being taken. I had a professional photo shoot done with her and she just sat and posed for the camera


Grace Mary


Christy Hamilton


Heather Marie


Connie Wolfe Bailey My sweet girl BunBun, asking to be held. 🐰💕


Please Share with us your pictures next weekend and we will be sure to pass them along too!

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