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#SundayBunDay September 11th 2016

Posted by Jason Krueger on Thu, Sep 15, 2016 @ 11:37 AM


#SundayBunDay What's that all about?

Here at Rabbit Hole Hay we love having fun. We believe in having fun all week and all weekend. We tend to get to have a lot more fun with our Buns on the weekend though. We thought what could be a better way to celebrate the fun we just had then by sharing a candid of them. 

To extend the fun we get to repost our favorites every week. To make sure that all our blog followers get to see them we will also be posting these on our blog. Share your favorite pics next week to make your bun into a celebrity for the week.  




Kirsten Lynn Quong Hamilton!!


Lea Bach Playing with a new toy


Stacey Oster


Stacey Oster Savvy is enjoying the cooler weather


Leah Hassan Little Rew is sleeping like a little wee baby. 🐇💤💗


Natalie Wheeler This was Blondie Girl 
Relaxing she had recently passed away


Amanda Mullennex Flash has buried himself in hay lol


Kristi Hicks-Hsueh



Please Share with us your pictures next weekend and we will be sure to pass them along too!

Tags: New Pet Owners

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