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A Life of Music and Rabbits [Rabbit Owner Profile]

Posted by Jason Krueger on Thu, Jun 16, 2016 @ 03:48 PM

Cinnabun.jpegIn the past few weeks we began sending out emails to our newest customers telling them our story and asking for their story. Over the course of 3 or 4 days we send a special email each day that helps a new customer become a better rabbit owner and learn more about us. They have been really well received. 

Anyway... Yvonne was so excited to share her story. We really enjoyed seeing her photos, and connecting with her so much, that we asked if we could share it with you as well. We hope that you enjoy it as we do. 

If you'd like us to send you this email series let us know by clicking here.

Here is Yvonne's Story in her own words...

"I am a retired art teacher, proud owner of my 4th rabbit, Ms. Cinnamon…or Cinnabun.
This all began for me in the early 90’s when a student of mine brought a crate of 13 baby bunnies to my room one day….I could not resist bringing Ms. Muffers home….and so it went….

My first bunny, Muffers,  had epilepsy and several surgeries…..Mopsie had a respiratory condition and died at about 6 years old….Jelly Bean was only 4 years old….she died suddenly last summer…G.I. stasis.  She had a surgery in the spring for a bladder stone….and had a compromised little system.  She was tiny…..Her death was one of the hardest things I’ve been through…..All have been house bunnies.
My last rabbit , Jelly Bean, was a music lover. She would lay on the rug and listen. We knew the jigs or reels were sounding good when she would prance about!
So…Cinnamon is bunny #4 (the one pictured above last fall) since 1991……..and she will hopefully live a LONG life!

Cinnamon has been rather spoiled and has gotten into the habit of not eating her hay…hence , I discovered your website upon reading about how to get one’s bun back into eating hay."

Thank you Yvonne for taking the time to share. We so appreciate you and how well you care for your rabbits. 

We'd love to share your story with our readers. Send me an email with your story. 


Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Tags: Behavior, New Pet Owners

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