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No Lonely Bunnies, Rabbits Need Friends

Posted by Jason Krueger on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 12:32 PM

two rabbits leaning on each other because rabbits need friendsRabbits are very social creatures. Once spayed or neutered they are very accepting to sharing just about everything, including their food. Once we take that competitive nature out of them they will bond into lifelong buddies. In fact, the sharing process can be a crucial part of their bonding and general rabbit care.Let's learn why rabbits need friends. 


We have so many responsibilities, sometimes we cannot spend all day caring for our rabbits, as much as we would like to. Because of their extreme social disposition, rabbits tend to do better in pairs. A neutered male and spay female make the best combinations but often times two males and or females can work together.

Although rare, there are some rabbits who prefer only human companionship. This can be difficult to overcome, at least initially. But make no mistake rabbits need companions. 


If your rabbit is spending all day alone it can make them sick for companionship. This can have very negative effects on their litter training, on the mischief they will get into in your absence and on your relationship with them in the long run. Two rabbits tend to take just as much care as one. So getting another rabbit because rabbits need friends won't be as crazy as you think!

If your rabbit is having a hard time bonding with their new brother or sister: 


  • Introduce them and let them sort out their hierarchy in a neutral place.
  • As long as there is no blood let them fight it out a little.
  • As soon as you see aggression that will result in injury of the other it’s time to step in. (Be careful!)
  • When rabbits are sorting this out it is not uncommon to have a lot of potty accidents.
  • Introducing them in a place that can endure a little urine is the best option.
  • Working with them daily during this process is very important.
  • Have patience. Once you get them bonded they will be friends for life but it can take months to get them to that place.
  • If either one of them is not spayed or neutered this will be an uphill battle. Get them fixed, it is better for everyone.

Sharing Food

Not only will your rabbits share their food, they should share their food. This can really help break down issues with territorialism. Make sure you're feeding your rabbits fresh timothy hay to keep them even happier and healthier.

Social bunnies are much happier than lonely ones. If you can’t be their friend most of the day, then buy them a friend and take the time to allow them to share their food and life together. 

Providing the best rabbit care for your pet means giving them a companion to share life with because you can't always be there for your bun every minute of every day.So remember, rabbits need friends!


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