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3 Common Health Issues in Rabbits That May Be Why They Won't Eat

Posted by Jessica Miley on Fri, Aug 15, 2014 @ 03:27 PM


Rabbit Won't Eat After SpayAre you having a hard time getting your rabbit to eat? Sometimes a rabbit won't eat new pellets even though you bought the extra expensive special ones and sometimes a rabbit isn't feeling well. It is important to understand that rabbits aren’t like humans. We may lose our appetite when we are feeling well and still be okay. If your rabbit isn’t eating, this can be a sign of a serious health issue that is making her loose her appetite. It is not okay for rabbits to lose their appetites. When you see your rabbit not eating, make sure that you take her to the vet. Here are 3 common health issues in rabbits that you should be worried about.

Dental Problems

When rabbits aren’t eating enough timothy hay, they can have dental problems. The hay helps keep the teeth at a healthy length. Did you know that rabbits have teeth that continuously grow? If you can’t get your rabbit to eat hay every day, then you will find your rabbit's teeth will grow too long, and it can be painful for her to eat.


Rabbits will often times avoid eating when they are in pain. It is esspecially important after surgury. If your rabbit won't eat after spay or neuter surgury, you will want to give them green leafy treats that you know they like such as; mint, basil, parsley or other fragrant herbs. As these are two very common surguries that almost all house rabbits will undergo your vet should be aware of this as a possible concern. They may recommend hand feeding a product made spefically for recovery. Make sure to ask them about it. Pain doesn't have to come in an obvious way like through surgury, it can come from your rabbit simply needing to pass gas. Did you know that bunnies can have a difficult time passing gas? So if you feed your loved bun specific vegetables and other foods that can cause gas, it can really cause her pain. If your bunny is hunched over and looks like she is trying to press her belly to the floor, then she might have gas pains. This would also prevent your rabbit from having the urge to eat. Your vet can advise you on the best ways to help your rabbit release the gas and ease her pains.   

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Gastro Intestinal Stasis

GI statis has similar symptoms as gas pains. This health issue is stemmed from an improper diet. Rabbits swallow their hair naturally when they clean themselves. So if your rabbit doesn’t have a healthy digestive tract, then your little bun’s hair will slow down or stop digestion all together. This is an emergency and needs to be handled by a vet immediately.

Now that you see the seriousness of what it means when you can’t get your rabbit to eat, you can act fast! Time is of the essence regarding your little bun’s health so the sooner you realize that she isn’t eating take her to the vet. You are responsible for the health and happiness of your bunny.

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